Welcome to my official site and thanks for visiting here!  If you’re an Entertainment Pro, you have access to my resume, headshots and demos.  If you are a martial arts fan, head on over to Karatedivaland.  

My site has a dual purpose.  It is for Entertainment Professionals and for anyone who identifies with my interests.

It is dedicated to various things I am passionate about: acting, show biz, film, theatre, critters, exotic tomatoes, fight directing, martial arts and a host of life’s gems.

What you will find here: 

  • You’ll find my acting resume, reels and news.
  • I write about my experiences in the biz and working with some amazing stars.
  • I write to inspire others to pursue and live their dreams.
  • Fan-contributed art and videos.
  • I write about tomatoes, pets, travel, films and more.
  • You can purchase collector items in my Shop.  You can also get info about free autographs on my Shop page.

Personally, I don’t care to read long bios unless I need to, so here are 10 interesting highlights about me. You can always check out my Bio when you have time…

 1-  I’m aka “The Karate Diva”, 7th Degree Black Belt, Black Belt Hall of Fame member and first woman to achieve the title of #1 Black Belt Forms Champion. You can read all about my martial arts accomplishments in KARATEDIVALAND.

2-  I was bit by the professional acting bug over 30 years ago, lying in 6 feet of snow in the mountains of Japan, shooting my first film, Shinobi Ninja.  As I lay in the snow with an arrow stuck in my arm (movie magic) and freezing my buns off, I realized I had found my passion.

3-  Speaking of freezing, I once walked out of the New Zealand ocean…naked…in winter…to shoot a scene for Hercules, The Legendary Journeys. A Navy ship was out to sea and stopped behind our shot.  Might have raised a few…binoculars. 

4- I costarred with Angelina Jolie in “Cyborg 2”.  My role was written for a man but after 3 hard-fought auditions, I won the role of bad-ass Cyborg, “Chen”.  I helped train her for the film also and even taught her how to make a proper fist.

5-  My first acting role was in high-school.  I played Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit.

6-  Most embarrassing moment: when my wig fell off in front 3,000 audience members in a theatre.

7-  I’ve petted a tiger, a cheetah, held a baby koala and once had an entire pod of wild dolphins swim with me.

8- I drink a lot of water, more coffee than I should and I eat a dessert of yoghurt, pecans, granola and fruit every day.

9- When I am in NY I eat pizza and see plays.  Sometimes, I’ll see the same play twice.

10-  The first time I met Chuck Norris, he was my head-judge when I won 1st Place “Chinese Style Black Belt Forms Men & Women” in 1980 at the NKC Karate Championship Finals in Oklahoma.  I ended up working with him on Walker, Texas Ranger in 2000 and 2001.

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